As a parent or teacher, helping children learn how to read and write can be a daunting task. However, one area that can be tricky to teach is contractions. Fortunately, there are many free printables available online that can help children in first grade learn about contractions.

What are Contractions?

Contractions are a shortened form of two words that are combined into one. Some examples of contractions include “I`m” for “I am,” “he`ll” for “he will,” and “didn`t” for “did not.”

Why Teach Contractions in First Grade?

Teaching contractions in first grade is essential because it helps children understand how language works and how to use it correctly. Knowing contractions is also helpful in reading comprehension, as they are a common part of written English.

Free Printable Contraction Worksheets

There are many free printable contraction worksheets available online. Here are a few examples:

1. This website offers a variety of contraction worksheets for first-graders. They include a “contractions match-up,” “contraction crossword puzzle,” and “contractions multiple-choice worksheet.” All of the worksheets are free and can be downloaded and printed.

2. Teachers Pay Teachers: This website has many free and paid options for contraction worksheets. One example of a free worksheet is “contractions dominoes,” where children match the halves of contractions like “I`m” and “they`ll.”

3. Have Fun Teaching: This website offers free contraction worksheets that can be downloaded and printed. The worksheets include “contractions crossword puzzle,” “contractions matching game,” and “contractions cut and paste.”

How to Use Printable Contraction Worksheets

To use printable contraction worksheets, follow these steps:

1. Choose a printable worksheet that suits your child`s learning needs.

2. Print out the worksheet.

3. Sit down with your child and go through the worksheet together.

4. Explain what contractions are and how they work.

5. Work on the worksheet together, answering any questions and providing guidance where necessary.

6. Once the worksheet is complete, review the answers together.

Final Thoughts

Teaching children about contractions is an important part of their language development. By using free printable contraction worksheets, you can make learning about contractions fun and engaging for children in first grade. With the help of these worksheets, children can master this area of English quickly and easily.

Are you a business owner in Malaysia looking to hire new employees? If so, one important document that you should have in place is an employment contract. This legally binding agreement outlines the terms and conditions of employment, protecting both the employer and employee. To help you get started, here is a sample employment contract for Malaysia.


This employment contract is made and entered into on [DATE] between [EMPLOYER NAME], a company registered in Malaysia with its principal place of business at [ADDRESS], hereinafter referred to as the “Employer,” and [EMPLOYEE NAME], with a mailing address at [ADDRESS], hereinafter referred to as the “Employee.”

Position and Duties

The Employee shall be employed as [JOB TITLE] and shall perform such duties as are assigned by the Employer.


The Employee shall be paid a salary of [SALARY AMOUNT] per [PAY PERIOD] payable on [PAYDAY]. The Employer shall deduct from the Employee`s salary all applicable taxes and deductions required by law.

Probationary Period

The Employee shall undergo a probationary period of [PROBATIONARY PERIOD] days, during which time either party may terminate the employment relationship with or without cause or notice.

Employee Benefits

The Employee shall be entitled to the following benefits:

1. [BENEFIT 1]

2. [BENEFIT 2]

3. [BENEFIT 3]

Termination of Employment

This employment contract may be terminated by either party upon [NOTICE PERIOD] days` written notice to the other party, or in the event of a breach of this agreement by either party.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

The Employee agrees to maintain the confidentiality of all information pertaining to the Employer`s business and operations, and to not disclose such information to any third party without the express written consent of the Employer.

Governing Law

This employment contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malaysia.


This sample employment contract for Malaysia should serve as a starting point for your own contract. However, it is important to seek legal advice to ensure that your employment contract complies with all relevant laws and regulations. A well-drafted employment contract can help you avoid disputes and protect your business interests, providing you with peace of mind knowing that both you and your employees are on the same page.

As a copy editor, it is important to remember that proper grammar and sentence structure can greatly impact the effectiveness of a piece of content. Pronoun verb agreement is one such aspect of grammar that requires attention and is often overlooked.

A worksheet on pronoun verb agreement can be a helpful tool for individuals looking to improve their writing skills. The worksheet typically includes a set of sentences with incorrect pronoun verb agreement. The task is to identify the errors and correct them.

One common mistake in pronoun verb agreement is when the subject and verb do not agree in number. For example, “He goes to the store” is correct, but “He go to the store” is incorrect. In this case, the subject “he” is singular, and the verb should also be singular.

Another common mistake is when the pronoun used to refer to an individual is incorrect. For instance, “Everyone should bring their own lunch” is incorrect because “their” is a plural pronoun and “everyone” is a singular subject. A better way to phrase the sentence would be “Everyone should bring his or her own lunch” or “Everyone should bring their own lunch bags.”

Furthermore, it is important to remember that certain pronouns require specific verb forms. For example, “I am,” “you are,” “he is,” “she is,” “it is,” “we are,” “they are” are the correct forms of the verbs “to be” for their respective subjects.

By practicing with a worksheet on pronoun verb agreement, individuals can refine their writing skills and improve the readability of their content. Proper pronoun verb agreement helps to ensure clear communication and understanding between the writer and the audience.

In conclusion, a worksheet on pronoun verb agreement is a valuable resource for individuals looking to hone their writing skills. By understanding the rules of pronoun verb agreement, individuals can produce high-quality content that effectively communicates their message. As a copy editor, it is important to have a strong grasp of grammar rules in order to produce error-free content that meets the needs and expectations of clients and readers alike.